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Dog Hybrids

A hybrid dog - often called a crossbred dog, designer dog, or boutique dog - is a dog produced by the intentional breeding of two or more different recognized dog breeds. These intentional crossbred dogs differ from dogs referred to as "mixed breed", or dogs which are literal mixes of breeds, sometimes without known origin. Designer dogs are becoming quite popular, such as the Labradoodle and the Jack-A-Bee.

In the late 20th century, breeders began to cross purebred poodles with other purebred breeds in order to obtain a dog with the poodles' hypoallergenic coat, along with various desirable characteristics from other breeds. Breeders sometimes use hybridization in an attempt to reduce the incidence of certain hereditary problems found in the purebred breeds, while retaining their more appealing traits.

The best way to determine the traits of a crossbred dog is to look at the traits of each of the contributing breeds to the hybrid. With cross breeding, the temperaments of each individual hybrid mix can vary greatly, even within the same litter. In choosing a boutique dog, be sure you are willing to accept the traits of each of the contributing breeds.

To see a description and picture of each of the dog breeds comprising the hybrid, click on the name of the breed listing under the hybrid in the list on the left-hand side of the page.