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1925 Serum Run to Nome
Akita Devotion
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Saves Cheetah
Basenji "Homing" Drive
Beagle of Service
Beagle’s Amazing Nose
Belle, the Beagle That Dialed 911
Black Lab Provides Needed Warmth
Blue, the Australian Blue Heeler
Brave Pug of William of Orange
Brave Sled Dog
Brave Staffordshire
Brutis, Hero Golden Retriever
Bulldog Notoriety
Chips, Shepherd War Hero
Dog Petting Cat
Eve, a Rotweiller Hero
German Shepherd Saves Family
Ginny, the Cat Rescuer
Greyhound Saves Her Human
Hero, the Golden Retriever
Honey, the English Cocker Spaniel
Hovawart Bravery
Jack Russell Heroism
Junior, Shihtzu Mix Saves Family
Kankuntu Saves His Family At Sea
Katrina, a Lab, Saves Drowning Man
Kaze, the Rescue Dog
Labrador Rescue Dog
Labrador Service Response
Last Days of Pompeii
Lifeguards, Saint Bernards
Mastiff Devotion
Maya, the Brave Pitbull
Moti, Shepherd Saves Family
Napoleon, the English Bulldog
Nellie, the Black Lab
Neo, the Siberian Husky
Newfoundland Saves Child
Newfoundland War Hero
Nyla Saves Her Human
Patty, the Yellow Lab
Penny, the Hero Retriever
Pup Pool Party
Rob The Para Pup
Rocky, the Police Dog
Roselle, a 9-11 Hero
Rottweiler Saves Little Girl
Shana, the Half-Breed Wolf Dog
Shelby, the Life Saving Dog
Siberian Huskies in History
Talking Dog
Toby, the Golden Retriever
Trakr, a 9-11 Hero
Tripod, the Disabled Rat Terrier
Water – RUN!
World’s Heaviest Dog
World’s Most Famous Beagle
World’s Tallest Dog
Zoey, Chihuahua Snake Handler








Pup Stories

Dogs are amazing creatures!  They are truly man's best friend.

Dogs perform many roles for people, such as hunting, herding, pulling loads, protection, assisting police and military, companionship, and, more recently, aiding handicapped individuals.

Dogs also have displayed heroism throughout history.  They are perhaps the first animals domesticated by humans, and have long lived by our side.  Most dog owners attest to their loyalty, affection and faithfulness.  Some dogs though, through self-sacrifice and valor have made names for themselves in our history books.  Their very names suggest faithfulness and courage.

Entire breeds are often associated with specific tasks.  The Dalmatian is closely associated with firehouses, especially in the U.S.  German Shepherds have old ties to law enforcement, and the St. Bernard, with whiskey barrel bouncing about its neck, is known for saving many a man, woman, and child lost in snowy mountains.

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